Infrastructure Detail

Physics Lab

MAV Physics Lab aims to motivate and nurture the young talents by strengthening their scientific skills through experimentation. Various activities performed by the students in the lab help them to relate the learnt phenomenon with everyday life.

Chemistry Lab

JMV Chemistry Lab is a place where students explore the world of chemicals by verifying experimentally the theoretical aspects of chemistry & sensitize the students about the need of protecting the environment

Biology Lab

JMV Biology Lab provides hands on experience to the students about life and life processes, inculcates compassion for both biotic & abiotic components of the earth, generates curiosity, creativity and competence.

Computer Lab

The campus has three computer laboratories with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater to the requirements of the students and the teachers. Junior lab is dedicated to our tiny tots.

Art Room

MAV Art Room is a magic carpet ride into the minds, hearts and lives of students. They explore the heights of creativity and imagination using colours, brushes and canvas.


Books are the real friends of a child and MAV library is a storehouse of this precious wealth enriched with 13780 books, 43 magazines and periodicals, 9 newspapers for reference facts and inspiration.It leads the students to the world of sports

Medical Room

Managed by a team of qualified doctors and school nurse, Ms. Sosamma MAV Medical Room is capable of meeting any medical emergencies, it is equipped with oxygen cylinder, suction machine, nebulizer, wheelchair and lots of love & care.

Music Room

MAV Music Room caters to the aesthetic needs of the children. Here children learn to relieve their stress in a creative, constructive and artistic way.It is equipped with the traditional musical instruments for the children to practice.


MAV Campus includes sports complex studded with State of the Art facilities for various sports like- Basket ball, Football, Soft ball, Hand ball, Badminton etc. where students are provided extensive coaching to hone their skills.